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download kabir singh full movie bluray 2019, google drive link download most popular movie kabir singh hd 2019, direct link, kabir singh full movie HD, kabir singh brings you the chance to experience the in the soulful voice of Tulsi Kumar & Akhil Sachdeva. The movie Kabir Singh is starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. The film is directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. The film is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Murad Khetani, Krishan Kumar & Ashwin Varde.

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Kabir Singh Movie 2019 Review by Google Users

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Sumeet Nadkarni · Guide3 days ago

Kabir Singh review :

Seems there is something uncannily attractive about jilted lovers - those who loved and lost and crashed!! Atleast Bollywood suggests so..

Devdas has worked right from Dilip Kumar Saahab's black and white version to Shahrukh Khan's multicolored razzmatazz. Even the offbeat 'Dev D' (2009) got its share of followers. The paying public love to see self destructive fellas drowning their 'gham' in alcohol. Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is this same olè Devdas dude. 

Only he is a ...MORE

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Vinay Mangal2 days ago

One of the worst movies I had the misfortune of watching in cinema hall...

****Spoilers ahead****

Well cinematically speaking ... The movie is very bad.. for every other reason like misogyny, toxic masculinity etc...I'll give it a chance...
After all, just recently we have been told that it's OK to normalise a convicted terrorist, spoilt brat, womaniser and drug addict in the name of cinema... OR .. so we were told that a woman can murder seven men in a movie and the actress and director will  ...MORE

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Aswathi Prasobhan5 days ago

Kabir Singh - Toxic Love with Performance par excellence.

A copy of a Telugu movie Arjun Reddy, starring Vijay Devarakonda and Shalini Pandey. The movie was a box office success and critically acclaimed. Hence like a lot of movies, the makes thought to remake the same into Hindi. 

Kabir Singh is the best remake of a South Indian movie after Wanted(2009) starring Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia.

Kabir Singh(Shahid Kapoor) is a brilliant  surgeon in Delhi with severe anger management issues along  ...MORE

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Rikky Bhartia · Guide2 days ago

It's a wow movie with an average old concept plot put in a modern college lovers with adultery in words, dialogues and humor, but strong direction and par excellent acting by Shahid Kapoor aka Kabir Singh puts life to story. A simple story of a madly in love college couple, breaking all the barriers of college and boundaries of relations, the guy being a rebel by nature, super angry and super intelligent doctor, a mistake by the boyfriend becoming a heartbreak which makes him become a rebel for  ...MORE

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Sunny Fernandes · Guide5 days ago

Kabir Singh
New Age Devdas who finds his Paro
Raw,Powerful intense and extreme tale of love 4 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐
This film beats the stereotype typical love stories with its intense and extreme emotional connect backed by a adrenaline pumping BGM and Characterization. The climax is outright deep and emotional to its core , the pairing and chemistry between the lead pairs add to the emotional connect the film holds tight , KABIR SINGH as a character is more than just a lover hes the new age devdas who see ...MORE

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Deepak Saroj · Guide2 days ago



If v hav 2 choose one word for this film - It's just "marvelous" piece of cinema. No matter wht those professional critic with their biased filter sayin abt the movie. It's must watch. It hav woven age old saga of epic nd passionate luv interwined with anger and personal journey abt angry, unapologetic but brilliant protoganist who does every thing with sheer passion whether it's luv , pro ...MORE

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Kaushal Modi · Guide2 days ago

Movie Review: Kabir Singh
Genre: Romance / Drama
Ratings: 4/5

Kabir Singh - an Official remake of 'Arjun Reddy' directed by Sandeep Vanga. after release of Trailer, It has created a big buzz and it's one of the promosing and awaiting movie of these year. also its looks like one of the best of Shahid's till date. Kabir Singh will appeal to youth audiences. Familiar audiences will stay away due to Adult Certificate. Will Kabir Singh match to public's expectations or not? Let's analyze it. 

Story ...MORE

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Bobby Ghatak · Guide3 days ago


’Kabeer Singh’(Shahid Kapoor) is a  CET rank holder,  qualified surgeon and  the son of a wealthy family in Delhi who watches  his world blooming with richly scented buds when  he  finds himself besotted by  a fair nymph from  his college ( Kyra Advani).  Enwrapped under a fire of love and a maze of singular desire he finds himself diving in to a bedlam of opposition: parental, peers and himself!

 Bashing up unwanted suitors to mangled pulp and defying hostel rules clearly laid o ...MORE

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Sahil Chopra · Guide38 minutes ago

Kabir Singh is not just a movie it’s a journey that most of us in relationship goes through , but these guys took to next level of drinks, drugs etc. which is dangerous and would help us rethink before we get into such stuff as the conclusion after doing was very clear where he lost his senses ,got into many problems.
 One thing that i liked the most was the friendship that he had with his friends. 

Well apart from this The love story part was good and seemed approachable. Shahid’s acting Skill ...MORE

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Niharika Srivastava · Guide7 hours ago

This movie is a must watch ... I don’t know about all drama Nd feminism but being woman I m not offended at all . I can’t see voilence or women abuse in movie at all .. college portion were so realistic... these kind of things happen in every college especially engineering Nd medical . And I guess women who are offended are basically went through such relationships. Actually it’s real I have seen in college my junior girls have their relationship with my seniors . So may be this movie just remin ...MORE

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Bhavya Reviews · Guide4 days ago

It’s June 2019, people all around the globe are celebrating the pride month, Taylor Swift who always has been reluctant to be political through her songs finally set the record straight on her support for the LGBTQ community with her latest single and also reconciled with her long time frenemy Katy Perry, cheers to women coming together. 
But to great surprise back home in India a frustrating film about toxic masculinity and biased conventional femininity titled Kabir Singh released with surging ...MORE

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Lokesh S N · Guide2 days ago


(Violent Boy + Silent Girl) X (2 Love + 550 Sex) ÷ (Angry Father)² + (Smoking + Drinking + Attitude)ⁿ = Breakup 

Boy - (Drugs + Attitude) + (Family)² + Girl + (1) X (Love)ⁿ = Reunite 

Not getting this? No Problem!!! Let me explain this in Kabir Singh Style.

Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is a SPRITE Forward Guy!! SEEDHI BAAT... NO BAKWAS!! Intelligent ; Medical Student; Rank Holder; Practicing Doctor but Rowdy Character. He breaks Bones and Rules equally. He can't control Anger and ...MORE

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kk verma5 days ago

To the point review OF KABIR KHAN
Story- it's story about a brilliant short tempered medical student who falls in love with his junior,after losing his love he became alcoholic.
SCREEN PLAY- screen play is not so good as many incident easily predicable,only given space and focussed on male character 
ACTIN- script is only moving around male character Kabir khan played by Shahid Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor acted well but this role demands mature actor because Shahid does not look like medical surgeon.k ...MORE

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dr.vijay athalye · Guide2 days ago

Anger is one letter short of danger.Kabir singh is angry Devdas(at the end this Devdas is different).I had seen original Arjun Reddy on prime video and this is a frame by frame remake of writer - director Sandeep Reddy Vanga's own Telugu blockbuster 'Arjun Reddy' (2017). 
Beware Its too lengthy and  repetitive alcohol ,smoking and cocaine gets on your nerves.
Its a total adult movie with South Indian boldness to the letter A.So if you are traditional and "bachcha dil" ;please avoid.

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Niraj Bagri · Guide4 days ago

Movie Review : Kabir Singh

Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Unlike our politicians, movies are trading regional boundaries. We have had few really good South Indian film remakes in the past. This one raised expectations too. But some hopes are meant to be trashed.

Kabir Singh is the story of a maverick but brilliant surgeon Shahid Kapoor who has anger management issues. He falls in love with his docile college junior Kiara Advani. Their love withstand long distance relationship only to be separated by he ...MORE

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Nishant Menon3 days ago

MySpace Muvi Review - “KABIR SINGH “

After seeing Arjun Reddy, seeing Kabir Singh is nothing but reliving the experience in Hindi, a language closer for comfort.

It is one of the most beautiful story that is intensifying due to Shahid’s histrionics in the right measure.

You live through the melancholy expressed by Kabir Singh ..There are myriads of thoughts and emotions that get along you and give you goosebumps be it the rage, love, sadness, anger and a plethora more.

Despite the drugs, alc ...MORE

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Anuradha Maurya · Guide16 hours ago

Kabir Singh is an undoubtedly a blockbuster for those who still believe that love knows no boundary and two people who are made for each other can't find happiness anywhere else but only with each other. The movie starts at the backdrop of Delhi with college life, friendship, raging rivalry between students, romance that develops instantly and love that blooms intensively with the passage of time. 
Talking about the performances both Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani have done justice with the role ...MORE

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palak gogia · Guide4 days ago

And you are intrigued by the personality of the devastated. Coz you know the rebel that they have become has the power to move the mightiest of the mountains. Not literally,though. Such is the personality of our Kabir Singh, full of love and rebellion. 

The looks on point, the songs with the rhythmic beats, the sarcasm served aptly on the table and the love-tale with coziest of feels - everything is what the 'Passionate love' defines to us.

The movie opens with the most romantic scene of a cou ...MORE

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rajesh pandey · Guide2 days ago

Watching *Kabir Singh* is like going through a high intensity , high pitched ride on raw emotions. Once started , you can't budge an inch from your seat , till the curtains are down. I bet you can't come out of the theater without wet eyes and changed facial expressions. 
                 Shahid Kapoor has pulled off his all time best performance. As a manic lover and a psychotic and aggressive medical practitioner he is in his elements . The narrative centers around Kabir Singh's uncompromising ...MORE

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Bhaskar Sharma · Guide8 hours ago

A strong performance by Shahid Kapoor in misogyny and manhandling as the titular Kabir Singh, a doctor whose ‘hands on’ attitude, some might argue, might be needed by more doctors in India given the current state of affairs. 

What is definitely not needed to be absorbed by the legions of seemingly young male audience is his approach to romance. The performance by Kiara Advani as Preethi the human, though wooden at times, was more Stockholm syndrome-y than a portrayal of undying, passionate love ...MORE

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Lazy Day Dreamer20 hours ago

Kabir Singh .

Maker of Arjun Reddy  created a storm in telengu industry , it was a path breaking movie and it shows everyone that telengu audience also enjoy content driven movies rather than masala action flick .
The swag and style by Vijay Devarakonda helped the movie to reach another level and director Sandeep Reddy really wish to push his limit and he thought about a wider audience and he believed that it will be a storm in wider canvas of Indian cinema .

Kabir singh is the same as it's or ...MORE

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Vijay MALEPU · Guide7 minutes ago

#KabirSingh movie review – Since I already watched original make in Telugu, my intention to watch this remake was to see how it came out now.

#ShahidKapoor’s acting has improved a lot as he justifies the role so perfectly, portraying a short-tempered surgeon who is on a self-destructive mode due to failure of love. Full marks to his transformation into Kabir, a crazy lover, as his performance rises many notches up. While watching it in Telugu, I felt there were gaps but the director for sure wo ...MORE

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Angel Kanda · Guide3 days ago

Kabir Singh - Welcome to the world of intense love, struggle and self destruction

A full to full copy of arjun reddy with all dialogues and action. 
Starts with the introduction of alcoholic kabir singh and after few minutes the actual story begins which led him to destroy himself. 

A spoilt student of Delhi institute of medical sciences , ranker and topper with whom every one is fear of.
He fell in love with his junior preeti (kiara advani) and could go to nay extent to protect her from all e ...MORE

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parna joshi2 days ago

Hello there, I watched the movie first day, first show. It is attracting insane amounts of praise and criticism alike. The critics claim it glorifies misogynistic abusive behaviour.On the surface it seems to be so. But there are other facets to the character, Kabir Singh is an angry, sadistic self-destructive man who ultimately realizes that he doesn’t like himself except for his profession. He loves and loves with all his intensity without considering any societal norms, inter-personal boundari ...MORE

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A Srivats4 days ago

The film has just no story line to appreciate. It starts with a psychic obsession for a girl and ends up in a disaster with a little happy ending. We'll what's new in the  performances, well shahid kapoor still makes us feel he is acting for udta Punjab and haider. Nothing very unique about the construct. Violence, well was some thing in common. Over and above some cheap medical college jokes of 'kacchi' and girls talking about waxing etc and Shaid forcing a girl to have sex on a tip of a knife  ...MORE

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Sagar Madhav · Guide3 days ago

Kabir Singh – the kind of boyfriend, who is aggressive, obsessive and would go to any extreme for his girl. He is all in, or nothing at all. As a senior and a topper in one of Delhi’s most reputed medical institutes, he wields immense power. Thanks to his lethal anger issues, there are few who would want to mess with him. By his own admission, he becomes a rebel with a cause as soon as he sees his junior in college Preeti (Kiara Advani). For him, it is love at first sight. But this is far from a ...MORE

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Sheersh Srivastava3 days ago

Pros :

-Good performance from all the actors
- Good chemistry of the lead couple
-Bekhayali Song

Cons :
- A bit lengthy movie, some unwanted scenes
- Hard to digest storyline, here it goes:

. Kabir Singh is a good looking guy with amazing physique
. Kabir Singh is the brightest student of the medical college
. Kabir Singh is bloody good in sports
. Kabir singh is a voilent dude and everybody is scared of him
.Kabir singh isnt scared of anyone(including his dean and his parents / grandmother)

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Siddharth Joshi · Guide2 days ago

So with all the cliched things being already said about the movie I don't have anything new to say ... Me and my friend watched Arjun Reddy but since language barrier we were unable to related it that much so we left in midway ... Now coming to Kabir Singh from trailer you can guess that it is gonna be a blockbuster movie. 

No wonder Shahid Sir did a fab and like this needs to be said in quoted "Fabulous" job. A passionate lover who can do anything for his love from beating up a guy who touched ...MORE

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piyush mehra · Guide4 days ago

Kabir Singh
This movie is a new age movie which shows the life aspects of two student in Delhi medical college. The intense love of two students have been depicted in this movie and the problem they face during the time of their relationship. This movie is a package and the the youth will enjoy this. It has a lot of romance and a little bit action. Shahid kapoor potrays the role of kabir singh who is a final year student and fall in love with a first year student, along with this he is an addict ...MORE

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Rohit Prasad · Guide3 days ago

KABIR SINGH:- 4.5/5*
It is an intense, unique love story filled with romance, madness and a beautiful climax..
Length of 3 hrs is stretchable but no dull moments are there.. 
Another power packed and superb performance by Shahid Kapoor after Kaminey, haider, udta punjab and padmavat.. Kiara Advani is looking sweet and simple but yet charming.. Soham Majumder as Shahid's best friend is also did a fantastic job.. Other casts are supporting as well..
Background scores and songs are awesome and go a ...MORE

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Nishant Tyagi4 days ago

Disclaimer- I did not watch Arjun Reddy before watching KABIR SINGH.

In an instance I loved the performance of Shahid Kapoor  and it grew over me with the length of the movie. The movie has nothing to do with the feminist opinion or approach towards the love and relationship. Don't go to watch that.
 It's purely an individual's mindset and way shown towards his live life and I LOVED IT.

Shahid is AWESOME to the core. Feeling his mind was easy. He has worked hard and it shows. He was able to at ...MORE

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Satish Tiwari4 days ago

Kabir Singh
Bollywood Movie

Love story of Medical students

It's an adult movie with full of Abusing words a d adult Short, Launde Shahi movie😜. It's remake of South Indian movie Arjune Reddy, so you will feel South touch throughout the movie. Music, acting, direction all are captivating. It's a three hours movie but not get bored. First half was excellent and second half was Little bit slow with emotional drama. In the first half movie remids Tere Naam of Salmaan khan ...MORE

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Viswanathan Maruthur5 days ago

Intense love, adamant girl’s dad becomes the hurdle to tying the knot, ill tempered boy creates a scene.. break up.. boy remained unconsciously intoxicated when girl came ready to surrender.. she gets married to somebody made ready by her dad.. boy chooses path of self destruction (alcohol, drugs).. after 2 hrs and 50 mts and gallons of liquor downed, realisation dawns that girl really was waiting for him.  Hmmm... in 2019, one may wonder if so much communication/ GK gap is possible even if one  ...MORE

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Rupa Shri4 days ago

I have had the time and opportunity to watched both Arjun Reddy ( the Telugu version) and Kabir Singh ( the remake).
1.Kabir Singh missed out on the little details that we did see in Arjun Reddy. The most visible one being, the anatomy of the hand. It helped with character building.

2. The songs were very warm and soothing in Arjun Reddy. Each one influencing you to get into the groove of the characters' feelings. While in Hindi, the number didn't make much impression.

A: The Hindi versi ...MORE

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Manasi Mehrotra3 days ago

Kabir Singh is a good watch. The climax ruined the feel... But it is definitely Shahid's career best performance. That man has nailed it!!!! Psycho levels r high and u just end up believing him to be like that.. not liking him at certain places...loving him at some. Kudos to his hard work. Kiara Advani's character is a loser...but a pretty one. She is the silent lover who is also silly at many points. Many many points. [The Holi scene they show in trailer is bessttttt] Suresh Oberoi is mature. H ...MORE

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Varun Agarwal · Guidea day ago

Just saw Kabir Singh and it was very good if ones leaves aside a few logic especially the twisty climax scenes at the end..... I think best work of Shahid Kapoor ever!! Although a remake of a South superhit movie it still needed good acting which Shahid Kapoor gave in abundance.... Kiara Advani's acting was OK but she has still a long way to go.... About two lovers who are separated coz for the umpteenth time in Bollywood a father objects for no rhyme or reason to his daughter's relationship.... ...MORE

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Meenal Shalabh Gautam · Guide4 days ago

Powerful, toxic love story with an intense feel of love, passion, aggression, exquisite pain.

Shahid kapoor as Kabir played the role so fantastically that it can't be defined in words..a college topper and a surgeon who lacks anger management and then an alcoholic with super dashing looks.
On the other hand, Kiara Advani is not holding more dialogues in the movie but justifying a fresher's role in medical college with a shy and feared look.

Shiva's ( Soham majumdar ) friendship with Kabir is ...MORE

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sumeet grover2 days ago


‘Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it , it leaves us feeling lost and confused. ‘

Kabir Singh has been rated as an Adult film, which not only means that people below the age of 18 should not watch it but also those who are not mature enough to understand it, should also stay away from it. I was forced to mention it after reading some critics calling it a misogynistic film and ...MORE

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